Successful Online Business According to Forbes

Designed and Developed by Joshua Moran:

In Highschool I was accepted as a Visual Artist at Cawthra Park, in College I was admitted into the Berklee College of Music (Boston). I’ve learned art a high caliber. Here’s the most important lesson that I learned:

All Art is Subliminal.

There’s a lot of genius that goes in behind the scenes. There are ingredients to making a song sound sad or a painting feel cold. One of my favourite articles that changed my UX approach to websites was one from Forbes Magazine.

It gave the formula to a successful online business. The psychology behind what drives someone to purchase a product or learn more.

9 Steps In Creating A Online Sale

1. Compelling Headline

2. Describe Solution

3. Establish Credibility

4. Add testimonials

5. 6. 7. Product Benefits, Create Urgency, Make An Offer

8. 9. Make a strong guarantee, Ask for the sale

UX to me is about understanding the user. This formula isn’t a secret. It can be seen on many websites and it’s a flow that users are used to. Notice the call to action on the first slide – some people are already sold, they just need to get to the payment section.

None of my designs simply look good, but they are also built to function!

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