Rockband Website + Branding

Brand Identity

Logo Typography

Still Time a Rock & Roll display font by paired with a standard favourite, Avenir. Both ‘ROCKBAND’ and ‘HAMILTON’ are displayed with all caps and 0 tracking and kerning. If displayed as white – add drop-shadow, if displayed with colour – no drop-shadow. The word ‘Hamilton needs to be 1/3 the size of Rockband.

Brand Colours


Use ghost icons. If over the brand gradient, then use white. If over white, use brand gradient. Examples:

Background Image Guidelines

If using an image background for advertisement, ensure that all images are 0% saturation with overlay gradient with 10% opacity in opposite corners, using brand colours. Example:

If using gradient background, add white ghost icon at 15% opacity Example:

Brand Assets


This project required the full package. Branding and website. The UX layout follows the same practices used in my featured article, however with a completely different look! You will see parallels in the User Flow. Read Successful Online Business According to Forbes

Online Business UX
1. Compelling Headline
2. Describe Solution
3. Establish Credibility
4. Add testimonials
5. Product Benefits
6. Make an offer
7. Make a strong guarantee
8. Create urgency
9. Ask for the sale

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Program Trailer

Sample Poster