Tim Hortons Card Version #102609

Contracted by North Strategic/Notch Video – Designed by Joshua Moran

Have you ever tried designing something with 50+ people looking over your shoulder?

Well, that’s the nature of working with big name brands, there are many levels of upper management that overlook the process. Get ready for countless revisions, version changes, copy updates and more! Ok… It didn’t take 102,609 different versions – but that’s certainly how it feels. Put on a smile and get ready for the ride.

Let’s have a moment of silence for the ones that never made the cut.

In designing this card, of course, there were many changes and the final product looks far from the previous versions, but the approach remained the same. I wanted to make this card stand out! I used a technique that I learned from a talented photographer.

Sometimes a photographer will place images in front of the focused area on purpose, just to create a foreground, middle-ground and background.

Spoiler Alert: You will never look at movies the same. You’ll notice this over and over. It creates space and the illusion of depth. After learning this, I always tried to add this to my designs. Sure, not many will even notice, but that’s the nature of art. You don’t know why something feels a certain way, but it just does… Hence why directors use this technique over and over. Not so people will analyze and notice, but so the audience simply feels like they’re in the movie.

It was fun little card design… Now go on and live out there in the world! *sheds single tear*

This project was a lot of fun! Another one of my favourites was working on the Cadillac Fairview Canadian Olympics Snapchat Filter. Check it out:
Olympics Snapchat