Learn the rules like a pro,
break them like an artist


Joshua 2006
2004 – Rogers Television interview for Black History Artwork

I’ve studied art my entire life. I started as a visual artist.


Joshua 2013
2013 – Judge Warrender Scholarship Recipient

In college, I became a Berklee College of Music alumni.


Joshua 2020
2015 – Futurpreneur Canada Recipient

Today, I work as a product designer and help businesses create products for people. The world is changing – every day we are challenged by new systems and operations, relying on designers to guide us. My goal is simply to help.

No matter the form, my life study thus far has been empathy – a habit of observing people and understanding their perception. From music to visual arts, I’ve always been in constant pursuit of understanding how to affect emotions and influence decisions.


UX design certificate

Good artists copy.
Great artists steal

You can copy guidelines and follow trends, but are you capable of learning from inspiration and making your own? This is what separates a good artist from a great one – the ability to learn, break rules, be disruptive, and make a difference.


design and marketing books


These three books represent three of my strengths: design thinking, interaction design, and marketing psychology. To me, everything is an art, including business. As a Futurpreneur recipient, I take great interest in finding ways to help brands resonate with their audience. Over the years, I have facilitated many different projects in countless environments. 2020 brings lots of change and many new opportunities and I look forward to contributing my ability.