KAR Global – Private Label UX Designer

Turn-in Manager

Project timeline: 6 months
Private label brands: Genesis, Honda, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai
Goal: enhance turn-in process

turn in manager on a mobile device

The first turn-in manager I designed was for Genesis. With many other turn-in managers in production, each with their own specific edits or additions, this iteration of turn-in manager included all of the latest enhancements.

This new Genesis turn-in manager proposed a new challenge: design a dark mode interface. Why this proposed an issue is due to the nature of the technology – each turn-in manager was built with a skeleton software called OLiQ. Nonetheless, working within the boundaries of what OLiQ could offer, a newly designed and tested turn-in manager design was submitted for Genesis.

Further user testing with platforms such as Maze can benefit upcoming projects, such as Tesla. Among the team of UX Designers, each has insight on different updates on components and the latest best practices.


App Shell

Project timeline: 1-month
Private label brands: Hyundai, KIA

Creating an app shell for Hyundai/KIA’s turn-in manager means gathering and building assets for App Store and Google Play.

Working alongside the development team, I provided all necessary app shell needs such as icons, splash screens, and UI elements for all device sizes.


Sample UX Demo

Project timeline: on-going

JM KAR UX Design – Prototyping.PDF