Leonardo Corporate UI Redesign

It’s a new chapter at Leonardo and many changes are happening. The marketing team at Leonardo is in need of a UX/UI designer to help reposition the brand image and define where they are today in their current evolution as a software company. Starting with the website, this corporate redesign was intended to be bold and innovative.


Design Lead


Full-time employer


Two years


Tourism and Hospitality


UI, Visual Design, Web Development


Copywriter, photographer, stakeholders, external development team


My Approach

The most critical task when joining the Leonardo team was to redesign the massive 10-year-old corporate website. These new design brand guidelines made from this website would also be used on many other projects, ranging from video to print. However, design-look when it comes to a web project is only part of the task. Equally important would be design-function. A problem with the previous website was unclarity, making for a higher visitor bounce rate. In order to improve this, my approach was simple. Over the years and many other similar projects, I have found success in a conversion-focused wireframe that I have developed  – inspired by a Forbes article on how to sell. Essentially, this wireframe sorts copy in a way to establish trust and influences a call-to-action. This new Leonardo website uses this and many other wireframes I have created. In order to execute this project, my understanding of development (HTML/CSS/PHP/Backend) was also highly relied on.

leonardo brand guidelines

leonardo website low to hi fidelity

This corporate redesign was made to not only look good, but to function. With more qualified traffic and reduced visitor bounce rate, this website has been validated to be a significant improvement.

The Result

Said to be in its strongest year as they celebrate their 20 year anniversary, Leonardo, acquired by Jonas Hospitality Group, stays resilient in these trying times in the Travel Industry. Armed with a website platform encompassing all solutions, Leonardo is now repositioned as the core brand that provides technology solutions for it’s current and continuously growing database of hospitality brands.

Web domains redesigned

leonardo.com, vscape.io, vizlly.com

Bounce rate

Reduced by 21%

Conversion rate

Improved by 74%

Web pages

44 user-friendly rebranded pages